Indonesian Cooking and Recipes are slowly taking over our nation. Cuisines from Indonesia are now popping up worldwide, and locals even know where to get them. Indonesia is one of the most educated civilizations in the world and it has a very rich culture full of great recipes. Read on to learn more.

You Can Find Many Excellent Indonesian Restaurants

You can also check out Indonesian restaurants online through Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, or other travel-oriented search engines. A quick search on Google will bring you many results for Indonesian restaurants in your area.

Great variety of Dishes

If you are a fan of Indonesian cooking, you will find that the wide variety of Indonesian dishes available today are more than just a buffet. Indonesian cuisine is known for its extensive use of spices and peppers and its generous use of noodles, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Indonesian Food Starters

For starters, there is the Indonesian food style known as siapkan. You can enjoy the mee tek (also known as mee goreng) scallops, pickled ginger and red onions. These starters are widely enjoyed by many people nowadays.

What a Typical Indonesian Dinner Will Look Like

A typical dinner might feature one of these dishes accompanied by rice and soup or with a selection of desserts such as ice cream, fruits, and various cookies or pastries. Mee Goreng and scallops can be served together to make a delicious banquet. Siapkan dishes are often served with Chinese vinegar and fresh fish such as salmon.

The Dan Bahk Kerung

Then there is the Indonesian cuisine known as dan bahk kerung or “eating home.” The term kerung means a group or a collection of dishes or a series of dishes that form the basis of a nourishing meal. The typical dan bahk kerung will feature a main dish, one or two side dishes, and one or two beverages such as tea or coffee.

The Desserts

Often, a dessert will also be offered as a side dish. This cuisine tends to be more locally produced and will include ingredients such as coconut milk and lemongrass. If you are looking for a lighter dish, you can opt for items such as manjik or kerfun.

The Kecap or Duskan Cuisine

A lesser-known type of Indonesian cuisine is the island-specific kecap or “duskan” cuisine. While it shares some staples with its Indonesian counterparts, such as rice and noodles, kecap dishes are usually served alone or as a part of larger meals. Visit Beritahati to know more about Indonesian cuisine.

One very popular type of kecap is Bank; a seafood soup served with fruits and sugar. The most well-known seafood bantuk in Indonesia is the Brahma hamun – which is prepared using a mix of seafood, onions, garlic, ginger, bell pepper, and spices.

Bahan Dan

One of the most famous recipes is the Bahan Dan, a dish of steamed rice enjoyed all across Asia. The name Bahan comes from two words: bah, meaning rice, and gan, meaning water. The dish is believed to have first been created in Banda City, Java, by Chinese traders seeking to cure an infection of the feet.

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