Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino world, and given that the game is played all across the planet, the name does have a unique history. However, it appears to be impossible to ascertain the real history of the game, but leaving aside the debate of the exact date, Blackjack as a game appeared in the French Casino in the 18th century. The cards in the casinos were called Vingt-et-Un, but there is yet another interesting story about the origin of the game. The mention of a Spanish game based on the same rules and known as Vingt-et-Un is also found in the book by Miguel de Cervantes. When it comes to history, nothing can be certain.

Higher bets:

This is a mistake that many of the gamblers do that they wager their money based on the outcome of the past hands. No matter how many games you’ve won in the recent past, the future is always unprecedented. Increasing your bet based on your past results is naivety, but you must keep your head in the game, and make sure that there’s no space for any superstition. Only when you have the best cards or you believe that you have, should you increase the bets.

No alcohol:

Gambling is a game of serious decisions and thorough understanding. Whatever superstition that you have about it, you must leave them at the door. The space for drinking is a sharp-edged sword, however, you may be prompted to drink, but if you cross your limits, it will impact your game. Not just will it ruin the mood of the table, but at the same time will affect your decision-making capacity result of which will be disastrous.

Exchange for chips:

Chips are the currency of the table, so you won’t be needing to wager the wads of cash in the game, but instead, you will have to exchange for chips. Put your money on the table and the dealer will pick it up. Make sure that you tip him nice, that will maintain goodwill with the person. Check out to know more.

There is no blame:

When it comes to gambling especially games that require skills, the only thing that can secure a win is your knowledge of the game. Make sure that you’re well aware of the game before you practice, and just in case you lost, there’s no one to blame for it. Your chances of winning will be double-folded by your actions, but not dwindled by the actions of others.

Sit far away:

If you are far away from the Dealer, you will have enough time to review the cards and the game. Always keep in your mind that the game is between you and the Dealer, so you are free to pick up the gestures but always play with your head. Furthermore, casinos are noisy and you will need the record for the cameras, so use your hand gestures while playing.


Card-games are fun, but if you’ve well understood the game, it will allow you to have an extended experience in the game. Follow the game, and just in case you’re winning, know when to go home.

Published by Kimbery Andrade

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