The act of hand washing is known in medical terminology as hand disinfection or hand hygiene. Hand washing, otherwise known as personal hygiene or hand hygiene, is simply the process of washing one’s hands using water and soap to remove microbes/ germs/ viruses/ bacteria/ etc., dirt, grease, or any unwanted and harmful materials stuck on one’s hands. When one’s hands are not properly washed, these bacteria could be transferred onto the person’s body, resulting in severe infection cases.

Microbial contamination of the body’s surfaces, such as the face, the stomach, the eyes, and even the mouth, can make the body to develop various types of sickness, ranging from common colds to serious illnesses like HIV. These illnesses are caused by the spread of infectious microorganisms through touching, coughing, sneezing, or even breathing air contaminated with microorganisms. Thus, it is important to ensure that we maintain clean hands to prevent such infections from occurring. It is also essential to practice a healthy lifestyle to ensure the prevention of such infections. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, we can lessen the chance of developing different illnesses, thus reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Check out here to know more about Hand Washing.

Tips on Washing Hands:

  • Hand washing is one of the easiest ways to clean one’s hands. The basic steps involved are washing the hands using warm water and soap. 
  • The second step involved is rinsing the hands under running water to eliminate any germs and bacteria present in hand. After that, you can dry the hands thoroughly using a paper towel and then use a hand sanitizer to disinfect the hand again. To disinfect the hand, you should gently rub the hands until the sanitizer has penetrated deep into the palm to get rid of all germs and bacteria present.
  • The third step involves drying the hands thoroughly. Furthermore, you should rinse off the hands, pat dry it with a clean towel, and later sanitize them. If you do not want to use the hand sanitizer, you can also use regular soap or towels to dry the hand and leave the hands out in the sun for a while.
  • The fourth step involves the cleaning of the hands by hand scrubbing. To perform this step, you should scrub the hands thoroughly using a damp sponge until the soap is completely saturated. If there are any wrinkles on the hand, you should cover the hand with a towel or plastic wrap for several hours and let it air dry. You should then repeat the step as necessary to remove any remaining soap residue left behind.
  • The fifth step involves putting the gloves on to avoid the hands touching each other. When the gloves are dry, you should then dry them using a towel or dryer sheet, and store them away in a sealed plastic bag to avoid bacteria from spreading.


Washing the hands is necessary to keep us away from any unwanted germs, and it is the only organ on the body we constantly touch. You can also use hand sanitizer on the hands if you feel like it is necessary. There is a wide array of sanitizers available, and you need to choose the type that fits your needs.

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